Discover The Core Secret 

    without spending more time in the gym

A ground breaking strength & conditioning using gymnastic strength training or GST™.

GST™ was developed by Coach Sommer, founder of  Listen to the podcast by Tim Ferriss.

A new approach to training


The ability to exhibit strength throughout the entire range of motion, which greatly increases joint strength and improves athletic performance.


It's much more than a flat stomach. Having a strong core means your body is able to express strength more easily.


Development of a powerful, effective structure for performance and to move well in life.

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Why a GST™ Assessment?

"Let me just say that I have spent years building my fitness and I am strong.  I queried why I need to do an assessment to join GST™ classes or Personal Trainings.

But I was disconcerted to find I was unprepared for the rigor and intensity of GST™. I was humbled by my lack of mobility which I now recognised to be key to learning gymnastic skills like handstand, straddle planche or ring work.

The assessment exposed weaknesses in my current training, e.g. how to do a plank or push ups effectively, how to train my core like a gymnast!. 

The coach carefully explained the GST™ principles, the development of healthy, strong joints for performance and longevity. Until then, I was engrossed with building muscles which sadly defined my lack of mobility.

I came away with awareness of what I need to improve and to make a better decision on how I train in future."

GST™ Assessment Content & Fees

Core strength

Assess front abdominals, back and obliques strength and mobility in static holds and movements.

Upper Body

Assess shoulder, spine strength and mobility. 

Lower body

Assess the hips, knees and ankle strength and mobility.


It's 1 hour personal assessment, with time given for feedback and advice on the next steps.


It's a $100 per session.

GST™ assessment is a pre requisite for group classes or personal trainings. It's essential you experience GST™ before committing to a group class package (unlimited) at $450 or 10 personal trainings at $1200.

No obligation

Training is a 2-way commitment. Our aim is providing advice to help your decision making. GST™ delivers results but it is hard work.

What are your New Year Resolutions? You don't have to alone in your fitness journey. Let us help you gain more mobility and movement from your body so that 2018 becomes your BEST year.

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